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Laura Wilson


I believe that to be healthy is to be whole. I will support you to develop your own personal sense of wholeness.


As a trainee psychotherapist, registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy, I have worked with clients in community mental health services since 2020, including Mind and one of the largest psychotherapy research clinics in Europe.

I have experience working with clients:

  • experiencing depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation
  • experiencing emotional and relationship difficulties
  • feeling stuck and wanting to reconnect with themselves
  • unravelling stories from their childhood and family background
  • working through childhood trauma and abuse
  • processing losses and grief
  • with diagnosed mental health conditions including personality disorders, eating disorders and OCD

Intuitive, holistic

I embrace a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. I have studied extensively in a range of areas including: nutrition and mineral balancing; naturopathy and embodied practices; religious and spiritual teachings; tarot and astrology. I integrate a wide range of perspectives into my worldview.

I’m curious and compassionate by nature with a natural ability to acknowledge difficulties whilst holding the possibility of a more positive place. I’ll be with you in the tough spots and encouraging you to find ways through and around. I’ll be alongside you, offering you support and challenge to take the next step.

International career

I’m a final year trainee psychotherapist, having completed 5 years of training at Metanoia Institute.

Before retraining, I worked in strategic roles in large organisations, working internationally in the private sector, in government and in charities, and continue to support organisations that make a meaningful impact on public life. I have a Post-Graduate Certificate in People and Organisation Development and a Master’s degree in Public Policy.

What these experiences have taught me is how relationships are vital to our overall wellbeing and that relationship skills can be developed. Developing self awareness is the first place to start.


Work with me

I offer sessions online + in-person at

The Haslemere Clinic, Hindhead Road,

Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1LH (free parking on-site)

  • Sessions are £60 for 50 minutes
  • All sessions are confidential
  • Evening slots available
  • Call or email for a free exploratory chat

Contemporary Style Living Room

Therapy can be an exploratory, creative, liberating experience that could lead to profound shifts in your life.

Therapy provides a space to explore the stories and patterns in your life and where you might have become stuck. It can help to build skills and awareness to notice old patterns, build more support around you, and take steps towards change.

I believe having someone in your corner makes meaningful change more possible. Together we can zoom out, carve out some dedicated space and better understand your experiences. This can often lead to shifts in perspective, in behaviour, or becoming more accepting of ourselves and of others.

This type of support is for people who experience serious mental health struggles as well as those who are feeling dissatisfied, stuck or simply in need of more support. Everyone experiences challenging periods at some point in life, and therapy can be a really helpful thing to do. Often people wish they had started sooner.

How I work

Gestalt therapy is a process of increasing awareness and freedom through creative exploration.


I believe that our minds and bodies are connected, and that we are each guided by an inner wisdom. A therapy session with me may include exploring what's going on in your body and how you hold emotional experiences. I will support you to develop a more attuned relationship to yourself, your body, and your experience. This process of self-discovery and integration can support you to feel and be more authentically you.


Creativity can be a powerful way to deepen your understanding of your experience and to experiment with new ways of being. I will support you to try something new to loosen and liberate you from patterns that hold you back and support you to find more freedom, flexibility and spontaneity.


You are the agent of change. I believe that our thoughts, feelings and behaviours are there to meet a need and will encourage you to be interested in the broader story of present experience to get to the root of your symptoms. I will be alongside you as you confront yourself with courage, honesty and compassion.

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